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"DJ Swanger of OneRockStrategix is a life coach who truly cares and acts on it.  He takes risks and invests time and energy in you.  He perseveres, supports you when you miss it, and encourages you to try again. He persists, and insists that you walk out your core values.  DJ is not just insightful.  He shares in a way that helps you understand.  You know that he listens and listens well, because he shares what stood out for him and asks questions in ways that grow your insight and move you to action."


Counselor and Educator

OneRockStrategix, offered our team opportunities for growth in several areas, not the least of which was deepening our understanding related to our own unique designs.


Freedom Outposts

"I am overwhelmed.  This has been WONDERFUL!

O.M. Hankins,
"OneRockStrategix has been a source of real encouragement and life direction for me... bringing needed clarity to my personal and professional goals." 

Family Counselor

"a wealth of knowledge, expertise and creativity!  Working with OneRockStragegix was a pleasure and I am most appreciative. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Carol Brown, Author

Don’s skill in working with a team is to be able to draw out individual gifts and paint the picture of what those gifts look like on that particular person.  He is able to articulate how individuals with different gifts can contribute and weave it together so that the team is more equipped with awareness of each other and appreciation of the differences in how we are made.  OneRockStrategix has put us on a run way and now we can check our equipment to fly.  Thanks Don for your skill, enthusiasm and desire for us to maximize our gifts.

Eiko Kondo

International Account Manager

International Sales

Herman Miller  

DJ Swanger led us with life-giving intention to recognize and honor how each team member contributes in harmonic alignment (and) beautiful choreography.  His work with us did not end when our coaching sessions with him ended.  We continue to unpack…treasures in ourselves and in one another - and celebrate with delight…"

Sue Taylor,

The Promised Land Group
“Conversations with OneRockStrategix helped put a framework around the direction we knew we should be going. We had the vision. This gave us the language we needed to think and act in strategic ways to impact our people and our nation.”

Pastor and Community Developer
West Africa

“Being an influence right where I am? This is what I’ve personally been doing for several decades with countless people I come in contact with through my non-church associations. I spend huge amounts of time working with struggling people, some who already know Christ and some who are still on the outside. The work is endless. Nobody other than my closest family knows that I do it. And never once, until I fell in with this project a year ago, has anyone ever affirmed me for doing it.”


Software Sales and Motorcycle Mechanic

“Your questions and our meetings have been extremely valuable in guiding me through the process of starting and growing my business. From marketing with passion to focusing my personal efforts on what I do best and confronting challenges with integrity and wisdom, I have been encouraged. We have gone from a small local company to national contracts in under five years, and I’m doing what I love. Thank you.”

Architect and Entrepreneur

“This has been a real eye-opener. Many are afraid of change. It reminds me of the course that “fire” takes in our lives. It burns. It’s painful. It hurts, but it also REFINES…and enables us to be set ablaze so that we are no longer recognizable as the people we have been or the lives we have lived. I am so excited by this…”


Pastor and Author


“You helped me understand what’s going on in me! It’s not that I’m not thankful for what is. I just believe there’s more! Is it okay for me to feel restless and not satisfied?  I had been struggling with ‘Is this normal that I feel this way?'  I’ve had moments and tasted better. I've had dreams and a vision, not so much for selfish things but to be more effective. You came along and confirmed where I’m at right now and helped me see how to move ahead.”

Susan V,
Nurse & Single Mother

"Great material. Great guidance. Amazingly applicable! We’re ready to take this to our nation and our part of the world.”



Speaker and Educator

United Arab Emirates